The wheels were first

The idea of designing the wheels for the seats arose during a visit to the swimming pool with several-month-old children. After having to move with a heavy seat from the car to the reception desk and to the changingroom, we started exchanging ideas and then it was: what if it had wheels …? And this is how the invention was born out of a daily need. Some time has passed since then and we are constantly seeing new needs.

Our products make parents' life easier


Wheels for car seats, thanks to which you can roll it instead of carrying a heavy car seat

Travel accessories

They facilitate every short trip with a baby, thanks to them everything becomes easier

Footmuffs and layers

Breathable layers and attachable blankets, so your baby will never be overheated again

BLW Accessories

Eating with the BLW method becomes even more enjoyable, not only for the child but also for the parent

Kids inspire us

Since the creation of the wheels for car seats, we have created many new gadgets, everything that we thought could be improved has been given new products to make everyday life easier for parents. From travel pillows to BLW bibs for easy cleaning after your first meals on your own. Thanks to our children, we constantly create new things.