Parents opinion

This footmuff is one of the best purchases for my son!
I was looking for the perfect footmuff for a long time and only this one meets my expectations. We have a smaller size, so I can use the footmuff in a stroller and a car seat. The option with a double cover is brilliant, a thin one was with us all autumn and I think it will serve in the spring, and a thick cover is perfect for colder winter days. It is made of the highest quality materials, very pleasant to the touch, waterproof and most importantly the child does not sweat.
There is also no need to dress your toddler somehow thick because the footmuff keeps the heat very well. The elastic band mounted on the top can be freely adjusted to fit the baby’s head. It is easy to install both in the stroller and in the seat, and then also easy to remove without the need to remove the harness of the stroller, which is a great advantage. The price is low for the quality. The patterns are beautiful. All my friends envied me the footmuff and some of them also bought it after seeing it live.
In conclusion, there is no better baby footmuff on the market!”


I got to know the Rollersy brand about 2 years ago, when I was looking for the perfect bib for my toddler to and it was here that I found a bib that keeps my child clean💕 and recently I also ordered a brilliant product – a waterproof mat. Now we are not afraid of car journeys while potty training 🙂

“Rollersy – just like little wheels, but in fact a product brilliant in its simplicity. Mega comfort and practicality, which is what every parent will appreciate. Since I tried them, I give them to all my friends who are born to a child😉”


“Since the birth of my son in 2017, I have been buying Rollersy products and I am very pleased with them! We started with wheels, ending with a waterproof mat and a size M travel pillow. I highly recommend it!”


“I am satisfied with the Rollersy footmuff, it was a very good purchase, because the footmuff is made of very good quality materials that are waterproof. The biggest advantage is that we can use it both in winter and spring, because the set includes two covers properly adjusted to the season. The footmuff will work in every stroller and car seat, we love it❤️ “